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Achieve your Hybrid Work goals with DTEN
solutions for large conference rooms

Level Up Your Large Conference Room

To be successful in today’s Hybrid Work reality, companies need to take the feeling of ‘remote’ out of remote work. DTEN’s All-In-One solutions for large conference rooms provide a video conferencing experience that collaboration equity- everyone feeling included

DTEN D7 75’’

The DTEN 75" is the perfect solution for large conference rooms - 4K camera, 16 microphone array with Audio AI, and 10 point capacitive touch all create true video collaboration

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DTEN D7 75’’ Dual

The impressive D7 75" Dual provides an ideal video collaboration experience for Zoom Rooms seeking to have a screen for meeting participants while sharing content or whiteboarding/annotating on the other display

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The ONboard works as a companion whiteboard with any Zoom Rooms set-up, helping bring touch and true collaboration to any large conference room.

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The DTEN Mate can operate as a Room Scheduler outside large conference rooms or inside the room as a Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC) - flexible mobility!

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