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DTEN in Huddle and Focus Rooms

When inspiration strikes, grab a colleague and a DTEN device

Huddle Room Video Conferencing

DTEN solutions provide seamless, lifelike interactivity for people in physical and virtual huddle rooms. Our all-in-one collaboration solutions that include smart camera and audio technology, and hyper-responsive 4K touch screen display create collaboration equity.


With its three 4K cameras, our new Inclusiview feature frames up to 5 participants in the room so everyone is positioned to make eye contact.

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DTEN ME (and ME Pro) are turnkey video communications solutions bringing instant productivity and in-office collaboration to remote workers using their personal Zoom accounts.

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D7 55’’

The D7 55’’ is the lightest video conferencing solution in its class and easy for anyone to set up and use right away. The D7 perfectly showcases Zoom's Smart Gallery feature to promote collaboration equity.

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DTEN GO with Mate

Already have a display in the room but want it to be video and touch enabled? The DTEN GO with Mate is the perfect solution - and portable to even move between rooms

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With a single tap, users can launch a whiteboard experience with a persistent canvas to create new ideas and easily edit after the meeting's end.

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