DTEN GO with Mate PoE

DTEN GO with Mate (PoE)

Transform any TV or display into a complete
video collaboration system.

Professional Zoom Rooms Meetings on Any Display

Instantly Transform Any Existing Meeting Space for Video Conferencing & Collaboration

GO Mate ZoomRooms 3

Just Set Up and GO

Simply connect the DTEN GO via HDMI to any size display or TV. Connect the DTEN Mate PoE via single Ethernet and pair with the DTEN GO for convenient touchscreen control at the tabletop.


Transform Any Display

Leverage existing AV equipment and spaces. There’s no need to replace existing equipment to access professional grade video conferencing technology.

GO Mate ZoomRooms 2

Easy, Powerful, Portable

The DTEN GO can be also used as a personal presentation device. With Smart Connect, you can connect your laptop to bring the meeting anywhere.

Video Enable any Meeting Space

The DTEN GO offers a rich feature set that transforms any TV or display to a professional video meetings system for Zoom Rooms.


Be Heard Clearly with Audio AI

The 12 microphone array ensures everyone is heard while AI-based noise cancellation technology fosters a lifelike and productive meeting for all participants while suppressing distractions.


Smart Camera Design

The 4 camera array and 160-degree field of view smart camera keep you and everyone else in sight and track movements and gestures in real time. The tilt bracket helps ensure the best set-up for your meeting space.


Wireless Connectivity

The DTEN GO connects wirelessly to the DTEN Mate PoE for convenient control at the tabletop.

Mate ZRC

Designed for Zoom Rooms

The DTEN GO with Mate was designed exclusively for Zoom and can be set up in minutes. Just plug it in and it just works!

Mate ZRC


The Ultimate Service Platform

Worry-Free Support

  • orbit Remote device and user management
  • orbit Remote diagnosis and repair
  • orbit Device status and health monitoring
  • orbit Remote firmware updates

Extended Warranty

  • orbit Extended warranty for length of plan
  • orbit Advance parts and product replacement
  • orbit Minimize equipment downtime
  • orbit Comprehensive device coverage

Enhanced Customer Support

  • orbit Live customer support up to 24/7
  • orbit Instructor-led product trainings
  • orbit Personalized service options available
  • orbit Knowledgeable solutions experts

DTEN GO with Mate (PoE)

Group 14




DTEN Mate PoE:

  • DTEN Mate OS
Group 3



  • Utilizes connected display (HDMI). For best results, combine with displays under 65″

DTEN Mate PoE:

  • LED 10.1″ Capacitive Multi-touch Display
Group 8



  • Can be mounted above or below TV or display

DTEN Mate PoE:

  • Mounted on tabletop or wall
Group 3

Camera System


  • 4 Camera array: up to 16.4ft (5m) coverage
  • Horizontal field of view (HFOV): 160° combined

DTEN Mate PoE:

  • N/A

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